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Quit smoking hypnosis is most often used by smokers who have attempted to stop smoking through many other methods. Most smokers will have had a number of tries to cease smoking and the most popular method is willpower.


Why Stop Being a Smoker?

quit smoking hypnosisMost smokers accept that smoking is bad for them. Although there are always smokers who seemed to have smoked throughout their life and have made it to their sixties and seventies, these appear to be exceptions to the rule. Indeed these smokers may be still alive but will have some life-threatening disease such as cancer, emphysema or heart disease. Not a pleasant existence at any age.

It’s not only the threat of contracting a serious ailment that lead smokers to decide to quit, it’s the accumulation effects of all the smoking they have done so far that they are now noticing. This might be the premature aging, the lack of fitness they previously enjoyed, the constant yellowing of teeth and fingers, or just the sense that they are no longer in control of their life as they seem to smoke even though many of the smokes are no longer enjoyable.


How to Quit Smoking?

There are numerous ways of quitting smoking and the pharmaceutical companies develop more and more ways of providing nicotine replacement support products. These can range from gum, lozenges, patches to the electronic cigarette. Zyban can be prescribed by doctors as form of support whilst a smoker attempts to quit smoking for good.

Whilst all the stop smoking support methods have their successes some people have also found the supporting product brings with it some side effects. Some people describe having nightmares and sleep problems and others having other unpleasant reactions.


People Cease the Habit By Themselves

Smokers do succeed in stopping smoking without any help. This is often referred to as succeeding with willpower alone. As a smoker you will know of people in your social network who have done this and succeeded. So you will know that it is possible to do.


Extra Help – Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Some people just need some extra help to cease smoking. Most often these smokers will seek the help of a hypnotherapist. They know that they still have to use willpower but also know that they just need some extra help to stay stopped. Hypnosis can often be the extra support that a smoker needs to finally succeed and become a non-smoker. Sessions usually last 90 minutes and one session is required. Are you ready to become a non-smoker and just need the help of quit smoking hypnosis in London?


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