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BWRT Therapy – A New Approach

BWRT or Brain Working Recursive Therapy offers a new and radical approach to helping people to make changes to their lives. Most people live their lives and only occasionally develop a problem that they can’t resolve themselves. Most people are self-responsible and have the insight to make those changes to their lives that succeed.

Sometimes though people need some extra assistance or need to discover some new way of thinking or perceiving a life challenge that only another person can help with. Even the most successful people in the world have their own coaches and therapists and there is no reason why anyone should not be able to have some extra help when they need it. After all none of us has all the answers

BWRT or Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a new approach to helping people to rid themselves of unwanted behaviours such as bad habits, bad reactions (eg losing your temper) and addictions. Any behaviour that you seem to be unable to change may respond well to BWRT.


How does BWRT work?

Rather than focussing on the idea of the mind and its division between conscious and subconscious parts. BWRT utilises the processing and speed of the brain. It is the brain that quickly makes decisions about how to react to a situation and it does so very rapidly. So rapidly in fact that a person may have little conscious control over it.

The brain does not make decisions about how to react based on logic. It bases its decisions on associations and past reactions. Therefore if anxiety has been present every time someone sees a spider, the brain will choose the association between detecting the spider and anxiety. It will happen very quickly and the person with arachnophobia will have little chance to stop themselves having a panic attack.

BWRTWhen the brain is stimulated it fires electrical pulses via neurons that are all interconnected. This is called a neural network. Stimuli that have been experienced before, such as catching a ball, will trigger a series of electrical pulses that navigate through the same neural pathways as the have always done to enable the ball to be caught. The same is true of any repetitive behaviours such as driving a car or riding a bike. The brain just looks for similarities in what it happening and elicits a similar response.

BWRT trains the brain to have a different response to the stimuli that would have triggered the unwanted reaction and behaviour.


BWRT Can Be Done in Secret

One of the assets of BWRT over other therapies is that the BWRT therapist doesn’t need to know the content of what it is that you want to change. So if you had an issue that you didn’t want to discuss the details of, you could still benefit from BWRT. The BWRT therapist can guide you through the process without needing to know the content of the issue.






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