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There are hundreds if not thousands of phobias. A person can have a phobia about almost anything which means the list of phobias could be endless. Some phobias are more common than others such as flying phobia (aviaphobia), spider phobia (arachnophobia), fear of open spaces (agoraphobia), fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia) and many more.  There are phobias that are not so common as the previous examples however are increasing their public awareness as more and more sufferers have the courage to admit to their unusual phobia. One of these unusual but growing phobias is associated with buttons.


What is a phobia?

A phobia is generally accepted as being a (seemingly) irrational fear of something (object), some creature (animal, bird, snake etc), a certain situation (enclosed spaces), an event (parties, weddings) or some task (public speaking, contributing to meetings).


What’s a Button Phobia (Koumpounophobia)?

Generally speaking a person who has developed a button phobia (Koumpounophobia) will experience any or many of these symptoms when confronted with buttons: anxiety, nausea, rapid heart-beat, sense of panic, stress and the need to escape. For some people even the word “button” or “buttons” can bring an immediate feeling of tension and anxiety. Interestingly these symptoms are common for any phobia. So a person with a button phobia and arachnophobia can experience the same range of symptoms when they come into contact with the cause of their fear.


How does a person with Button Phobia cope?

Most people who don’t have this phobia are unaware how many times in a day a person can come into contact or come close to buttons.  The simple act of buttoning a shirt or blouse is not something a sufferer of this phobia can do. They will often have compensated for this by buying clothes that have zips or other forms of fastening.

For mothers of young children every day can bring on a feeling of anxiety. The simple act of putting children’s clothes in the washer can lead to a particular coping strategy where the clothes are turned inside out so none of the buttons is likely to be touched or a towel is wrapped around them to again avoid coming into contact with any of the buttons.

Retrieving the clothes from the washer can be another nightmare for the button phobia sufferer.


Help for a Button Phobia

Someone with this phobia knows that their fear is irrational but can’t consciously prevent themselves having a reaction to the presence of buttons. This is where hypnotherapy can play a role in helping someone overcome their button phobia or any other phobia. Hypnotherapy helps to making changes to the subconscious mind. This is the strong part of the mind and where all our habits, urges, patterns and behaviours come from. This is also why a button phobic has been unable to make any difference to the fear consciously because the cause of the fear is subconscious.


Hypnosis for Button Phobia

Steven Harold, an experienced London Hypnotherapist also uses other brief therapies such as EFT and NLP to help people eliminate their phobia and lead happier lives.


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