Erection Problems, Help for Impotence

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Erection Problems or Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence as it is often called, can occur in men at any age. Most often it is after the age of 65 or can be a symptom of either medication we have to take or some physical disease such as diabetes. Sometimes though erection problems can be mostly in the mind.

Physical Erectile Dysfunction

The loss of an erection, or the lack of the ability to gain an erection enough to give satisfying sexual intercourse, can when it persists, be a sign of some other  physical issue. Should you lose your erection, or be unable to gain an erection repeatedly it is important to get this investigated by your medical practitioner or doctor.
Physical causes of impotence can be the restriction of blood flow going to the penis. The cause of this might be diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, surgery or some form of injury. Smoking can lead to the furring up of arteries that also lead to erection problems. The good news is that many of these issues can be treated and improvements can be made to gain a good erection. What will also help is a healthier lifestyle such as taking exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Psychological Impotence

For some men the cause of their erection is pyschological. Depression, anxiety or problems in the relationship may lead to erection problems. Sometimes a loss of sexual confidence can be due to a lack of understanding that an erection may come and go a number of times during love-making. Unnecessary pressure to get an erection, sometime referred to as performance anxiety, doesn’t help the situation. Making love when an argument hasn’t really been resolved or some resentment in a partner exists, is never a good idea.

Psychosexual Therapy

Once a man has become fearful that they will not get an erection, this fear can become the dominant thought when he makes love. Unfortunately “fear” is not ordinarily useful in sexual arousal and for someone with erection problems it can lead to what’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. You fear you won’t get and erection and because that dominates your thoughts you are unable to become erect.
In psychosexual therapy emphasis is put on healthier and more supportive thinking that is much more likely to lead to a strong erection and restore sexual confidence. Often referred to as sensate focus, the mind is encouraged to focus on the errogenous zones of the partner’s body. This focus enables the body to do what it does naturally when seeing (for real or imaging) what turns you on sexually;  an erection. With sexual confidence an erection occurs naturally because a man focusses on what is sexually exciting to him.
It really helps if your partner is supportive and patient during this time. Unfortunately some partners can take it very personally and believe that the man no longer finds them sexually attractive. This in turn can put pressure back on you as you try to prove you still find them attractive.

Hypnotherapy for Erection Problems (Impotence)

Hypnotherapy can help to change your mind and regain your sexual confidence once you have eliminated any physical causes for your erection problem with your doctor. Steven Harold an experienced hypnotherapist has helped many men to regain an erection and be confident in their love-making. Steven uses a combination of self hypnosis, hypnotherapy and other brief therapy processes (EFT, NLP) to help you feel confident.
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