Low Confidence? Gain Better Self Confidence

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Low Confidence

If you feel you have low confidence then you are not alone. Many people have this feeling that they lack strong confidence. Confidence is such an important part of our lives because it allows us to feel comfortable and more relaxed in many situations.


Low Confidence Restricts People’s Lives and Ambitions

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Low Confidence?

It’s true to say that when we feel a lack of confidence we are much less likely to put ourselves in unfamiliar situations. Low confidence tends to restrict people’s lives because it keeps them trapped into doing and experiencing the same things that they are familiar with.


Low Confidence and Your Job

People who lack self confidence often won’t change their jobs. They may want to change but the low confidence they feel prevents them from doing so. Even though they have out-grown their current job, at least it provides some sense of safety as they know it so well. Unfortunately that sense of familiarity and safety eats away at your confidence


Low Confidence in Relationships

Whether the relationship is at work with your colleagues or boss, is with friends or family or your partner, low confidence can stop you leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Low confidence can prevent you applying for promotion or asking the boss for a pay rise. Low confidence can prevent feeling equal to your friends and they may bully you into doing what you don’t really want to do or they may just take advantage of you. In your personal relationship you may find yourself acting as a “door mat” and feeling abused and used in your relationship.

Some people’s low confidence can get in the way of them finding a personal  relationship in the first place.


Low Confidence in Life

We can all take for granted the seemingly ordinary everyday activities like using the telephone, shopping at the local supermarket or engaging in a conversation with a neighbour. Yet any or all of these activities might fill someone who has low confidence with dread at the thought of them.  Some people will cross the street to avoid someone they know. Others will have home shopping deliveries to avoid going to the supermarket and interacting with other shoppers. Unfortunately all these tactics reinforce a lack of confidence rather than boost it.



Where Did my Lack of Confidence Come From?

This is often a question asked at the free hypnosis consultation.  For some people it might be that a parent lacked confidence and as a child you somehow assimilated this way of being. Another person might have experienced parents, teachers or other adults who were overly critical.  Someone else may have had an embarrassing moment at school, college or work. There are many experiences that have the potential to make us doubt ourselves and dent our confidence.


How do I get Stronger self Confidence?

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Better Confidence

There are many ways that you can gain strong self confidence. As a hypnotherapist in London I have found that a combination of hypnotherapy and other brief therapies help to reduce anxiety and fear and build strong sustainable self confidence. We are all different and at the free consultation you can find out more about hypnosis and how it can help your self confidence and your desires and ambitions in life.

Just imagine how turning low confidence into better self confidence could transform or enrich your life.

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