Anxiety? Hypnotherapy Helps

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stressedman01Anxiety, no matter what its cause, is an unpleasant feeling. It affects our mood, motivation, confidence, concentration and sleep. Anxiety is at the root of most problems, issues and life challenges that a hypnotherapist is asked to help with.

Cause of Anxiety
More often than not, anxiety has as its cause, fear. This fear is about the loss of something and that something might be status, respect, finances, a relationship, the home, job or other loss. Interestingly it is the anticipation of some event, whether it occurs or not, that brings the anxious feeling.

For example an office worker might hear gossip that there are going to be redundancies. He quickly realises that if he loses his job his financial status will deteriorate and he worries, frets and experiences anxiety.

Anxiety – The body Responds
Anxiety leads to increased hormonal production and in particular adrenaline. Adrenaline gets the body ready for action. The “fight or flight” syndrome kicks in. The muscles may tense, blood is drawn away from the digestive system (hence a loss of appetite is experienced) and the peripheral vision increases (hence the reduction in focusing ability.

This and many other examples are perceived threats to someone’s lifestyle and status quo. Actual and perceived threats can result in the same anxiety. More often than not perceived changes never materialise and the anxiety, worry and fear dissipate.

For some though, the anxiety stays. For this person It’s almost like they can’t trust themselves or their world enough to be able to relax. They expect something to go wrong sooner or later and so they begin to worry about what next event will give them anxiety.

Social Phobia
Others learn to be anxious during certain experiences. Social phobia is the fear of being with people in certain situations. This anxiety might not be present if the social phobic is on familiar ground and only meeting one person. However anxiety can arise if they are invited to a new venue and they have to socialise with two or more people.

Anxiety from phobias are learnt responses and can be unlearned.

Anxiety, Hypnotherapy Helps
Hypnotherapy is particularly effective at helping to uncover the cause of a person’s anxiety. Then through the teaching of self-hypnosis, the previously anxious person can learn a relaxation technique to control, reduce and resolve the links to experiences, perceptions and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is one of the most popular issues any hypnotherapist has requests to help with.

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